Your clients rely on you not only for insight, but for solutions. You understand their needs. The challenge is finding strategies that align investment results with the real needs of your investors. The AlphaSector strategies offer a ground-breaking solution.

F-Squared Defines Risk from a Client Perspective

According to the conventional approach, risk is defined by deviation from a benchmark.  The problem: In severe market downturns, investment strategies that track equity benchmarks can suffer major losses.  Relative risk metrics may look good, but your clients can lose wealth – and confidence in their investment plan.

At F-Squared, we define risk from the client perspective:

Risk #1: “How much can I lose in a short period of time?”

Risk #2: “How rough a ride will it be?  Can I handle volatility and stay committed to my investment plan?”

To address risk from the client perspective, F-Squared focuses on the risk of loss in bear markets and delivering quality returns in normal markets.

AlphaSector Strategies

The AlphaSector suite of investment strategies are designed to deliver on that mission.  More information about the AlphaSector philosophy and investment solutions is available on the AlphaSector page.

Accessing AlphaSector for your Clients

F-Squared is an innovator not only in investment strategy design, but also in delivery.  F-Squared operates primarily as a model manager.  We deliver our strategies flexibly, so that you can customize the AlphaSector solution to your practice and to your client needs.

Separately Managed Accounts

For advisors who prefer the Separately Managed Account format, F-Squared has established relationships to deliver the AlphaSector solution on a number of platforms.  Your firm’s managed accounts group, or your custodian in the case of RIAs, may provide information on how to access the AlphaSector strategies.

For more information about how our investment strategies can become solutions for your client's needs