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Stephen C. Winks

  • PCT Research and Consulting

Mr. Winks has been a leading force within the investment management community for several decades, providing leadership and innovation in some of the most important issues facing the industry. He was recently recognized by Investment Advisor magazine as one of the top 25 most influential people within the investment industry.


Mr. Winks has created an Audited Prudent Investment Process in support of “Fiduciary Counsel”, which makes possible a safe business environment in which advisors can acknowledge that they render advice, are acting in their client’s best interest, and are fulfilling their fiduciary obligations based on objective criteria. Mr. Winks’ parent firm, Advisory Platform Solutions, is the research and development arm behind the industry’s most widely used financial planning software.


Previously, Mr. Winks published Senior Consultant, a leading advisory services publication. He also ran the third largest Investment Management Consulting initiative on Wall Street at Prudential Securities. As President of FSC Advisory, he ran Financial Planning for the then largest financial planning firm in the country with 3,000 advisors coast to coast. He also built and managed most of the major financial product areas for Wheat, First Securities (now Wachovia), which account for over a third of the firm’s bottom line.