• Rethink Investing

    F-Squared seeks to align investment results
    with the needs of investors. Our strategies
    are "investor centric" not "benchmark centric".

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  • AlphaSector

    AlphaSector is a groundbreaking investment strategy,
    designed to deliver protection in down markets
    and participation in up markets.

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  • Advisors & Wealth Managers

    How do your clients define risk? How can you keep them
    on track toward their investment goals in changing markets?
    F-Squared Investments can help.

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  • Institutional Investors

    More investment strategies crowd the market everyday.
    Analytic tools and metrics have never been more sophisticated.
    But what separates a product from a solution? Talk with F-Squared Investments.

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  • Retirement

    Retirement plan participants need risk-managed strategies
    that can achieve investment goals across market cycles.
    The AlphaSector solution can help.

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  • Individual Investors

    F-Squared Investments was founded to meet
    the needs of the investor. We partner with
    financial professionals to deliver solutions.

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  • Focused on the real needs of investors

    F-Squared rejects the traditional "buy and hold" concept.
    We target relative returns in bull markets,
    and focus on risk of loss in bear markets.

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The AlphaSector Strategies reject the traditional concept of "buy and hold." Find out how risk protection is critical to achieving investor goals.

Our Philosophy

F-Squared’s investment philosophy is clear, simple, and groundbreaking. Our strategies are designed to protect investors from severe losses in down markets while providing quality participation in rising markets. This approach results in significantly reduced downside risk and highly asymmetrical investment returns. Particularly in negative market environments, our strategies will have low correlation to traditional indices and asset classes.

Investment professionals will recognize that our strategies are designed to address negative tail risk. To the investor, the message is simply that our strategies focus on downside protection when that is required, and provide the opportunity for participation when markets are positive. We seek to deliver consistently and repeatedly on clearly-defined client expectations.

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